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We will help you start and scale your e-commerce business.  Get payment and shipping solutions adapted to your specific needs. Our marketing solutions will help you grow and sell beyond the boundaries of your physical location.
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At a time when we needed an agency we could trust in our business, they brought our idea to fruition. We are now the top online food delivery system in Kaduna State thanks to the ingenious rendition provided by Quantum Click. Their support is top notch and they have remained on call to grant all the necessary assistance we need in online marketing strategies.
I Serve Food
Quantum Click has been a reliable partner in providing the support necessary in our online marketing. Not only did they develop a stunning website which has helped revolutionise our sales, they have remained on call providing assistance in our e-commerce and internet marketing. We owe the majority of our online success to them.
Saheed Oyewale
Kudyunus Bislar General Merchant

We also work with

Retailers seeking to increase sales channels

The more channels you can access the better your chances of meeting your ideal customers. We help you increase your retail's bottomline and revenue by expanding your customer base.


You want to meet more small business owners in the locations you service. The best way to do this is online. We will help you bring the kinds of people that will ensure your quickest turnovers and realise your marketing dream.


We understand your need to communicate your brand ideals and goals to your prospective customers. Quantum Click is your chance to turn customers to loyal fanatics and increase your brand's fidelity.

Local Businesses

Increase the confidence of your prospects and get more leads to your business. We will help you shape the way your present and future customers think  of your business.


Our services allow startups to integrate their customers into their growing community. We can improve your visibility and customer relations as you claim your spot in your market or industry.

Our Process

Ours and our customers' success is built into our process.


We hold sessions where you tell us about your business and market. We try to understand your customers and business direction.


We will show you proposed designs and you will be guided on which on best suits your business needs and model.


We will develop an e-commerce website for you that will serve as a business tool for increasing sales, driving more revenue and expanding your customer base.


We will guide you on how your website will be managed either by you or your team. You won't be left alone through this process.

Our services

Website Development

As a serious business owner, you need a website that will serve as a merketing hub for your business. Your website will be inspire by your brand message and will make you an authority in your industry.

Website Redesign

Let us turn your website into the profit generating engine it is meant to be. You can relax while we make your current poorly performing website work for you and serve it's designed purpose.


Your profit will increase manifold as we put your products in front of your customers during their online searches. You will out-rank the competition and generate tremendous marketin results.

Pay per click advertising

It is time you stopped losing money on advertising. We will help you take command of your ROI and make every penny spent on Google and social media ads to count toward increasing your profit.

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