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At QuantumClick, we make our client’s business our business. We help you grow your business online through methods that stand out for their effectiveness.
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Work with a reliable internet
Marketing agency.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Web design, development and maintenance.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
Email Marketing
Google My Business (GMB) listing optimisation

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Digital Marketing Agency Kaduna, Nigeria!

Web Development

Design a website that represents the values you want your communicate through your business.
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SM Marketing

Leverage the power of social media to create the hype and awareness that will propel your business to success fast.
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PPC Management

Produce results from your marketing campaigns by effectively utilising funds you use for search ads.
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Email Marketing

Create and maitain your mailing lists and use that to generate traffic and revenue to and from your site.
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Branding & Rebranding

Like what your brand looks like? It can be way more attractive when it’s online. We help you realise your online brand dream.
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Speed Optimisation

Website speed matters when it comes to users' interaction and experience. We help you make recommendations and corrections that make your website load faster.
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Get your site to the front page of google for the creamy keywords in your industry, niche and location. We help you research, audit and rank your site.
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Content Marketing

Content, they say is king. Besides writing the kind of content that glues readers to your site, we have the methods that help you get your content to the write audience.
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Why work with us?

Wealth of Experience

Your choice digital marketing agency should have the experience of different niches and locations …
And that’s what we give to you. The experience we have garnered from working with different clients with diverse requirements is immense. We will channel the entire effort into creating the marketing campaign that will make the difference for your organisation.

The value of experience cannot be understated. And we give you that value in overplus.

We have the modern touch

Keeping in tune with the requirements of the 4th digital revolution.
We know what the audience wants and we give it to them. Then we keep them wanting more. That is the idea with which we approach marketing for our clients. Still looking for a digital marketing agency in Kaduna state? look no more. We seek out the market for them and use that impression to generate traction, traffic and sales to their businesses.

We don’t just keep the trend, we set it.

Effective methods

Every penny should count in digital marketing.
Our digital marketing strategies employ means and methods that ensure that you get value for your cash. Every penny should return something of value to your business.
A proper marketing campaign should not just burn lots of cash but should get results in sales and experience for every penny spent.
We are the marketing agency that does just that.

What we do


​Buying and selling of goods have experienced a revolution in changing times. You now have the chance to cater to a much wider range of customers using a plethora of electronic tools at your disposal.
We will use the internet to present your goods to customers who will refer other customers and so on in an evergreen pool of new and returning customers.
​We have proven strategies to help your store fly online.


Search engines are undeniably powerful. With billions at any moment either using it or benefiting from it, there’s no doubt you’ll want to integrate it into your online strategy.

Let us worry about your alt texts and meta tags. You just worry about taking care of the customers we get to you.

​We will build a strong backlink profile for your website and make it compete better in SERPs.

B 2 B Marketing

​We develop marketing plans and strategies for those businesses who market their services and products to clients in the business world. Those are businesses who do business with organizations as well as individuals. The strategy and approach these take to internet marketing are quite different from those taken by the ones who only service individuals as clients.

The first step here is research. It is imperative for the business owner to research his clientele and their preferences and adapt his strategies to them specifically.
Next is planning. Now when developing a marketing plan, it should be comprehensive. We fuse all the different elements of our client’s marketing process into their marketing strategy. This means that their content marketing, Social media, video and business listings should all be in tune to drive the whole message to the prospective client.

finally, we execute the plan seamlessly.

B 2 C Marketing

The approach to marketing is different when your business deals with clients directly. This will resonate more with those in the medical or cleaning industries. You will need to adopt a different strategy than those who deal with businesses even through the basic elements may still be maintained. The specific components of each step may differ slightly but oh so importantly.
​When conducting research on prospective clients, certain things must be taken into consideration. Things such as age, gender, preferences and likes. this defines who your brand sits better with and defines the long term direction of your business.
The planning and execution of the business also take slight modifications.

“You can’t just place a few “Buy” buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy.”

Neil Patel

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