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How to get Clients for an accounting firm - Digital marketing for accountants

If you need to get clients for your firm or accounting office, the Internet can be an excellent too., Perhaps while reading this on the Internet there are people looking to solve their accounting problems. Would you like to know how to reach them?

In this article, we are going to teach you how using digital marketing to drive qualified leads to your accounting practice on the Internet. Eventually, you can set yourself right before potential clients for your business.

Why is digital marketing important for an accounting firm?

It is certain that times have changed. Until some time ago, to get clients to the accounting firm you needed to publish an ad in yellow pages, magazines and local newspapers, etc. However, now potential clients use the Internet to find a solution to their accounting problems, be it from their personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.

They are also influenced by comments on social networks, they have access to more information to compare and choose an accounting solution.

And this is where digital marketing plays a very important role for your accounting firm. If the potential clients are now on the Internet, wouldn't it be a smart decision to use this medium to reach them? But it is not just about designing a web site -you will need one though- publishing it and waiting for the phone to start ringing if you do this you will probably fail like the vast majority of accounting firms that try to get clients on the Internet.

Where to start?

The first step to follow is to have a digital marketing plan that allows you to define your objectives and clearly outlined steps to follow. That is, the actions you are going to take. Talking about this topic can be very extensive and in Quantumclick, based on to our experience we have already documented all the steps of a digital strategy, however, we have seen it convenient to summarize the tools you need or at least the most important:

Register a domain name

Just as you have a business name for your accounting firm or accounting company, it is necessary to have a name on the Internet. The famous ".com" is usually most favoured, though “.net” will do just fine too. Through this Internet address, your clients and potential clients will be able to find you. The recommendation is to use a short name that is easy to remember. Mostly not more than 15 characters. You can contact us to have us advise you more on this process.

Professional email accounts

Digital marketing for accountants.

If you are still using the conventional email of the type or,  you are probably not projecting a good image or confidence to your potential clients, as you ought to. It is better to use an email address of the type e.g The investment for having a personalized email address with the name of your accounting firm is quite cheap and completely worth it in the long and short run. It is also very good for branding.

Design a website for your accounting firm.

The next step is to design a web site for your accounting firm where everyone who enters can learn about the services you offer. According to studies, it is said that you have less than 8 seconds to attract the visitor's attention, otherwise, they will leave.

For this reason, it is not about designing a web page where you talk about yourself as a professional accountant and how big your study is, it is about talking about how you can help solve the problems or needs of your potential client and why they should choose to contract your accounting services instead of running off to your competition. You need to keep in mind that they are comparing you with the other accountant and it is a game of attraction.

Your website should be able to woo your client and convince them beyond doubt that you are the one they should do business with. It is less about fancy designs and more about conversions. Conversions start from conversations and your website should be able to communicate as though you were the one talking to the client. It should also do this as effectively as possible. The goal is to get them to contact you so that you can finish the job and convert the client from thereon.

The vast majority of websites make the mistake of not answering a crucial question in the visitor’s mind. “What’s in it for me?”. This usually makes the prospect feel like you're the only one who stands to gain from your correspondence. Like I said earlier, it’s all about the conversion and it starts from the conversation.

I already have the website. Now what?

Where can I get clients to my accounting firm using the Internet?

If you're like most of the accounting firms that designed their website, published it, and stood around waiting for potential clients to start contacting you, it may take a long time for that to happen and you're likely to be frustrated.

For this reason, if your website is not known to anyone, likely, you will not generate any business contacts. To solve this, you must use the necessary means to reach potential clients.

You need to drive traffic to your website. There are two main types of traffic you can drive to your accounting firm’s website and they are the organic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is mostly SEO traffic. This is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. I will talk on it a bit here but it involves quite a few things.

SEO for accounting firms.

SEO is a set of practices you implement on your website to enable it to appear on the first page of search engines for certain search terms and keywords. That looks like a lot to swallow so I’ll break it down a bit. 

Imagine a real estate agent who needs the services of an accountant to help check their books and block leakages, this, in turn, will enable them to generate more revenue and make more profit.

Now a school owner might also be looking for similar services and the same accountant is capable of solving their problems in both cases.

They can both do a simple search on google or bing for “Accountant in Lagos” you can replace Lagos for any city in the world. This is called a local search.

The websites that have implemented the best SEO practices are going to show up on the first page of Google and they are going to be more likely to land that client.

Things to take note of:

Such clients are “warm leads” as we call them. This means that they are prequalified from the kind of search they made and likely need the service urgently. They could also need the service in a future time and will likely remember you when they are ready for the job.

SEO practices are sometimes long-drawn and we will cover them more in another article. You can book a session with us and we will advise you on how to implement it on your website.

Onto your next option.

Advertise on Google Adwords (PPC for accountants)

Introduction to pay per click advertising

The vast majority of people use Google to search practically everything including accounting services in their locality, for this reason advertising your accounting study when someone searches for the word “accounting studies in (your city)” would be one of the best options to get to potential clients because you are arriving at the precise moment in which that person is needing your services, with which the probabilities of turning him into a client are very high.

The difference between Search Engine Marketing (PPC) and SEO we talked earlier about is that in this case, you are paying google money to advertise your business. These kinds of websites usually have an ad logo before their title.

Contrary to what many accountants think, Google ads in most cases should not point to the website, but to a landing page later we will talk about this. This page should collect the emails of your prospects while exchanging for some free information. The email can later be used for email marketing.

Remember that advertising on Google will only allow you to get people interested in your services but it is your job to convert those people into clients, that is why you must have a strategy prepared to convince these potential clients that you are the best option

Advertising on Facebook (Social media advertisement for accountants).

With Google we can reach potential clients who are proactively looking for an accounting firm in their locality, but how can we reach people who are not searching on Google but who may need to solve an accounting problem?

How to run facebook ads for accountants.

Advertising on Facebook can be a good choice since this allows us to show an ad to people segmented by age, gender, geography, interests, location, professions, etc This is called targeting.

It is important to note that people on Facebook are in “social mode” and are interested in seeing friends' photos, chatting, etc. For this reason, we must “interrupt” your attention with an advertisement that has a clear and concise message and that encourages you to see the details of what we offer.

Another aspect to consider is that we should not target everyone, for this we must define the profile of our "ideal customer" or "niche" offering a personalized solution.

Other options to publicize your accounting services are Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks, although there are many options, it is not about being in all of them, you need to identify which of these social networks your target audience is and focus your digital marketing actions on it.

What do I need to convert (interested) visits into potential clients (leads)?

We have already seen that with ads on Google and Facebook you can reach potential clients and send them to your website where you will show them all the details about your accounting services, however in most cases, your website has been designed with several people in mind objectives, that is, to improve the image of your company, publicize all your services, publish an article of interest to the visitor on your blog, encourage becoming a follower on Facebook, etc.

There is the case as with ads where the visitor follows the ad because of a promo or offer that caught their attention. They will feel short-changed when they get to your website and discover that this is not the case. This is possible because your website was designed with many different types of leads in mind and they aren’t all paid advertisement leads.this is why it is recommended to use a landing page, which is a page specially designed with one objective in mind: To convert that visitor into a potential client, that is, to call us or leave us your contact information which we will use to contact you later on.

Landing page examples

A landing page usually does not have a navigation menu and only the service that was featured in the Google or Facebook ad is detailed.

For example, if the ad said: Solution to your accounting problems: 50% discount in the first month. And the user, when clicking on your ad, arrives at your web page where this discount is not mentioned anywhere, they will probably feel frustrated or cheated, however if you send it to a landing page that details the service offered and the option to redeem that 50% discount, you will have a better chance to convert that visit into a potential customer.

Why do most accounting firms fail when trying to get clients on the internet?

Probably as a professional accountant you understand the importance of digital marketing, but you do not have the time or experience necessary to implement it, for this reason, several accounting studies have failed to achieve this goal by wanting to do things for themselves.

The most recommended thing is to delegate your strategy to an agency that has proven experience in the subject and guarantees you to get potential clients, otherwise, if you try to do it yourself, you can probably lose a lot of time and money until you find the exact steps to follow. Quantumclick is a leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria. We have helped our clients to achieve huge successes in their digital marketing efforts.

If you need help getting more leads to your accounting firm, you can contact us here. Thanks for reading and we wish you good luck in your business.

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