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How to Promote Websites in 2020: What's New in SEO?

Every year, thanks to the development of technology, new trends and features appear in the field of SEO. Therefore, we, traditionally, at the beginning of the year review the main global trends and prepare an article for business owners. Let's take a look at what you need to consider in website promotion in 2020 in order to achieve success and increase targeted traffic and sales. There are free and paid tools that you can use to do a more intensive analysis of your SEO work. You can use it to track your progress as well as identify areas of potential gains.

Years of experience with clients dictate that web resource owners should stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Do you want to know the most common questions from business owners to SEO companies for promotion and marketing? Here are some of them.

  1. What is the period to wait for the first results from promotion in Google?
  2. Why does it take so long to wait for the results of the promotion work?
  3. Is there really a "sandbox" for a new domain in the process of Search Engine Optimisation?
  4. How do links affect store promotion on Google?
  5. How to quickly promote a website to the TOP of Google? Is it really possible?
  6. Is it worth doing an SEO audit of a site before its promotion and promotion?
  7. Can you provide guarantees and forecasts for promotion and promotion?
  8. Where to start marketing and promotion?

We can conclude that many business owners try to constantly get the most updated information about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO. However, one of the main levers in making decisions on the promotion and development of the company as a whole is the SEO department.

After all, if for an Internet marketing agency such monitoring is the key to successful work, then for a customer it is an opportunity to figure out what it is and why an SEO specialist is offering to improve the SERP positions of the site being promoted.

Solving technical issues of a web resource is just preparation for promotion. The promotion itself consists of a strategy (i.e. a set of certain actions aimed at achieving the set goals), which necessarily takes into account the main trends. And trends change depending on what technologies appear in people's lives.

So, here is the list of changes in search engine ranking factors in 2020, which we will talk about in this article. Go?

  1. Website optimization for mobile devices. The main attention should be paid to this point because high-quality and successful promotion is 50% dependent on the website being optimized for mobile devices. In the absence of optimization, your site in 2020 will either stop growing or start falling sharply in positions. How to fix this, we will dwell in more detail below.
  2. Content management and internal website optimization.
  3. The role, meaning of semantics in website promotion.
  4. The influence of behavioral factors on ranking.
  5. Quality links as a condition for ranking.
  6. The growing role of local search in 2020.
  7. The growing popularity of knowledge graphs.
  8. The growing popularity of voice search.
  9. Switching to HTTPS as a mandatory component of website promotion in 2020.

Let's take a look at the key SEO trends to consider in order to promote your website in 2020.

Here Brian Dean discusses how to do an SEO audit for your site in the video titled “The 19-Step SEO Audit Checklist for 2020 " Yo can read the article and see the video in the link that we shared. We recommend that you watch it and learn more about SEO 2020. Enjoy your viewing!

1. Website optimization for mobile devices

Mobile is quickly taking over in the use of the internet as a whole. The number is sharply increasing and it doesn’t seem to be dropping anytime soon. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that sites with a version for mobile devices have become a priority in search results. Since then, the importance of mobile layout in promotion has only increased. The main answers to the questions, how exactly the mobile layout affects the website promotion, were set out in sufficient detail in the article on MOZ.

The main reason for this change in Google algorithms is due to the growth of mobile traffic. As a result, developers began to take into account the peculiarities of using web resources even on 5-inch screens.

Comparison of the growth of mobile search traffic vs desktop search traffic by StatCounter:

What should you pay attention to on your website so that its promotion in Google in 2020 does not stop bringing you targeted traffic? Understanding the current activity of traffic growth from mobile devices.

Mobile-First Index. The main focus of Google's attention when ranking sites in search is the responsiveness of the site. (it should be convenient for readers to read on smaller devices -tabs and mobile phones-). Since the end of 2018, this ranking rule - Mobile-First Index has been introduced. According to this rule, sites with a mobile version will have an advantage in providing positions in the TOP - 3 and TOP - 10. You can check how your site looks now in your Google Search Console (formerly known as Google WebMasters).

Website usability. One of the important factors in website promotion in 2020 is the look and usability of the user. What is it about? All information is available, the feedback form is available, and it is not difficult for the user to fill it out. Definitely, attention will also be paid to the structure of the site and the degree of ease of finding information in 2-3 clicks. Indeed, in the event of even one unsuccessful time in the experience of using your site, consumers will probably not want to buy from you, and the search engines, realizing this, will no longer allow your positions to grow. For a high-quality check of site usability, I recommend using this tool from Crazyegg to check your website’s heatmap.

Download speed. Google informs: if the loading of the site lasts longer than 2-3 seconds, the search result cannot be higher than the competitors, that is, higher than those sites that load much faster. Accordingly, website’s SEO and all work on it will be ineffective. The ideal load indicator is 1.5 seconds. Check the loading speed of your site.

Fast loading content using AMP technology. AMP is a technology to accelerate mobile pages, which was created by third-party developers and is actively promoted by the Google search engine. The main task of using this technology is to speed up the loading of the mobile page of the site (which is now very important for Google search engines).

How does AMP technology help in marketing and SEO and how do you implement it today in order to stay ahead of the competition?

The bottom line is that special tags are placed on the site, which are then read, remembered and cached by the Google search engine. After that, when the user enters the search and goes to this page, it instantly loads. Pages that use AMP technology are always ranked above the competition in search. This is facilitated by the download speed and adaptation to mobile devices.

Well, who is the technology recommended for?

  • News sites.
  • Portals.
  • Directories (don't use filters).
  • Blogs.
  • Hook pages using brief information for the subsequent transition to the main site.
  • Internet magazines.

In general, AMP technology is a modern trend in SEO-site promotion in Google search engines. However, it can only be used for narrow tasks and small pages and sometimes on large pages. Its priority task is to make the mobile version of the site "lightweight" and convey information to users as quickly as possible.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Despite the fact that this technology has existed since 2015, it will only gain tangible momentum in use for website promotion tasks only in 2020. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a technology that allows anyone to use a website in the format of an application installed on the phone.

An animated example of using PWA on a smartphone from Google Developers can be found here.

Benefits of Progressive Web App:

  1. progressive - works for all users, regardless of browser choice;
  2. adaptive - easy to use on all devices: tablet, mobile phone, desktop computer;
  3. there is no dependence on the speed of internet connection- it allows you to work and read information offline or with a poor Internet connection;
  4. constantly up-to-date information - always updated;
  5. secure - thanks to the use of https, the interception of the content of personal data is prevented;
  6. contains retargeting - thanks to push-notifications, it re-attracts users;
  7. easy to install - does not require complex installation systems.

In Nigeria, not all sites have yet switched to responsive or mobile design. Perhaps the situation with online stores in Lagos is a little better - after all, the number of online stores and services in this region is higher than in other cities. However, as the competition increases, it's safe to say that 2020 will be marked by optimizations for smartphones.

2. Working with content and internal website optimization

The uniqueness and relevance of content, as before, is the basis of promotion in Google. True, in 2020, due to competition in the field of e-commerce in Nigeria, the requirements for the quality of content will grow.

Today it is no longer enough to optimize texts for certain keywords. Each article should be:

  1. Unique. The higher the level of uniqueness of the article, the higher its value for the user, and therefore for the search engine. The recommended percentage of uniqueness of content for high-quality website promotion is at least 90-95%. The uniqueness and quality of content optimization can be checked on Copyleaks.
  2. Readable. The material should be easy to understand and be targeted at its target audience. The main task of the content on the site is to convey information to a potential client. The more convenient the content is located and structured, the more return it will bring;
  3. Expert. That is, to maximize the explanation of a specific issue of interest to the visitor of the web resource Thanks to expert articles and blogs in general, you can achieve not only high-quality website promotion, but also become an opinion leader for your customers.
  4. Special requirements for the quality of texts appeared after the release of the Google Hummingbird algorithm (Kolibri) on September 26, 2013. With its help, the robot began to evaluate the relevance of content and its relevance to search queries.

Around that time, a new method of writing texts began to gain popularity - LSI copywriting, which is the next step in the development after SEO copywriting.

Analyze competitors' content for better website promotion

To understand what the content on the site should be, how much of it is needed, what keywords should be used, it is no longer enough to rely only on the experience of a specialist. Today, writing texts also provide for a detailed analysis of the issuance of competitive articles. Based on this analysis, new high-quality (interesting and useful) articles are written, based on reliable data, with extensive use of synonyms, appropriate addition of keys, and properly structured text.

Only then will your SEO be of high quality.

When analyzing competitors' content, I recommend paying attention to such data.

  1. The number of characters used to promote the article. Thanks to this indicator, you will know how much text you need to write for your site (page). I recommend writing an article 100-300 words longer than your competitors.
  2. Uniqueness. Adhere to the rule of uniqueness - at least 90%. However, you should try to strive for the maximum score.
  3. Spelling and readability. In the competition for the number of keywords accepted in the text, do not forget about the readability and correct construction of sentences. This is important both for website promotion and for users.
  4. Keyword Density is the percentage of keywords in relation to the written article. Check this indicator with your competitors, because if there are a lot of words in their materials, and the optimization is low, you can easily (provided the same number of words, but better optimization) overtake your competitors. I recommend that the density of the keyword in the text is 3-4%.

Do not forget that in 2020 Google is actively promoting “position 0” in search results. Therefore, every site owner dreams of getting here. This is all really thanks to high-quality website promotion, interesting and structured content.

Use LSI copywriting actively

In 2020, LSI copywriting will continue to gain popularity in Nigeria. This must be taken into account in order to promote your site to the TOP of Google.

Speaking about content, you shouldn't forget that there is another type of material, the interest in which is growing rapidly. This is Video.

Many web resources already have vlogs or use videos as an addition to the text content of their pages. Back in March 2017, a Cisco study predicted that by 2021 video content will account for 78% of all traffic on mobile devices.

It is obvious that in 2020 the number of video content in the form of reviews, interviews, testimonials, training videos, webinars will grow.

When promoting a site, use not only clearly found keywords eg "buy a smartphone", but, first of all, remember that people are looking for how to solve the problem of not having a phone. For example: "How to choose and buy a budget smartphone for 1500 NGN." Thus, you help the user to solve the problem, thereby optimizing and promoting the site in search engines.

One of the quality sources of LSI keywords is the bottom of the Google search page. It is similar searches related to your request that will allow you to write texts as clearly as possible. Accordingly, it is optimized for both users and Google search engines.

Website promotion in the TOP of Google using video content

What video content can be used for high-quality SEO promotion and website promotion in the TOP of Google?

  1. Video reviews. This method of informing customers about the product and simultaneously promoting the site has been popular for a long time. All that is needed for this is a product that is interesting to users. Here you need to collect all the nuances of its use (pros, cons, characteristics) and other interesting information. This method of website promotion is the most common in online stores;
  2. Video reviews. For a long time, no one trusts the usual reviews on sites. Therefore, to build trust in your brand, I recommend providing video testimonials from grateful customers. This method of website promotion using video reviews is the most common for the B2B segment.
  3. Webinars. In any field of business, webinars are useful and really help in website promotion. Let's take as an example to consider a rather complex area - jurisprudence. It would seem difficult to use webinars for this industry. However, not at all! For example: “Trademark. All the nuances during registration. " It is enough to prepare an interesting and relevant topic once a month and record a webinar.

  1. Live broadcasts on social networks. Competition in this video content format for website optimization is still relatively small. Therefore, while your competitors are not yet using it, you should work ahead of the curve. Broadcasts should be used to attract a so-called "warm" audience, that is, loyal to you. On the pages of social networks, inform about the topic of your live broadcast, the time of its release - and attract as many audiences as possible. Answer questions live and share your own experiences. After the discussion is over, store the live video and share it on social networks, corporate pages, and on the pages of your website.

Separately, it is worth recalling that back in 2016, Google acquired 2 startups in the field of video recognition and interaction - Moodstocks and Eyefluence. So it looks like we will see improvements in video search engine optimization in the near future.

Expand the possibilities of website promotion using micro-markup

Considering that now it becomes more and more difficult to pay attention to your site through an interesting Title of the page and Description in Google search, micro-markup will be able to help the user to choose you. It is because of the use of micro-markup that your site is better optimized, which guarantees better promotion. It stands out among others in the TOP of Google due to the following points:

  1. Using an article or page rating (called asterisks).
  2. Adding 2-3 search-relevant pages to your site to the main page.
  3. Increase the page width in search results.
  4. The ability to display a photo or video of the site page next to Title and Description;
  5. The ability to immediately search for your site from the search results.

But, speaking about the future development of SEO, it is worth remembering that without internal optimization, a site with high-quality content will not be able to compete in search results. Therefore, before using innovative techniques for attracting customers and introducing new marketing strategies, a web resource must first of all be fully optimized.

3. The role of the meaning of semantics in website promotion

The presence of a high-quality semantic core, as before, in 2020 is the most important component of SEO-website promotion in the TOP of Google. Without it, it is impossible to imagine further website promotion.

The semantic core is compiled using the Google Ads assistant. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to collect high-quality, and most importantly, an integral semantic core to use in SEO-website promotion.

Recall that the collection of semantics is the first condition in the process of content optimization and further website promotion.

The main criteria for choosing keywords are:

  • matching your topic. Are all collected and clustered keywords relevant to your product or service ?;
  • frequency. It is customary to divide keywords by frequency into 3 groups: low-frequency (up to 500 queries per month), medium-frequency (up to 2000 queries per month), and high-frequency (more than 2000 queries per month). It is worth remembering that efforts when promoting a site to the TOP of Google are recommended to be put on medium-frequency and high-frequency keywords. However, there is one more criterion that will definitely help you in deciding which keywords to focus on.
  • competition. The last criterion you should pay attention to. It is according to its results that you will be able to analyze the situation in your segment when promoting your site. According to competitiveness, keywords can be: low competitive, medium competitive, and highly competitive. The more competition for a keyword, the harder it is to get into the top of Google.

Comparing two indicators: frequency and competitiveness, they decide a strategy for SEO to put a  site in the TOP of Google. For example the keyword “buy a smartphone” is highly competitive and has a high search frequency, the word “buy a mobile phone” has medium competition and high frequency, the word “buy a gadget” has low competition and low frequency. Based on the data, an attractive keyword is “buy a mobile phone”, because with little effort we can achieve success in website promotion and get potential customers.

A pre-compiled semantic core allows you to develop an effective website structure for subsequent promotion even at the design stage. Groups of requests are distributed depending on what type of pages they are intended for: main, categories, articles, product cards, etc.

At the next stage, the content is formed, which we talked about earlier. An increase in the number of landing pages, even those optimized for low-frequency queries, will certainly help increase their traffic and promote the site as a whole.

By the way, it is necessary to pay attention to low-frequency keywords, since the competition for them is much lower. Phrases with more than 3 words are called “long-tail queries”. It is significant that it is for them that the conversion rate is the highest.

Just compare the competition between the query:

"Buy a custom rim for Mercedes Benz texas":

and the query "Custom rim texas":

The difference in the level of competition is obvious. This means that there is already a direction where it is worth moving for high-quality and effective website promotion.

4. Influence of behavioral factors on promotion

Over the past few years, Google has been taking behavioral factors into account when determining page and site rankings. This should be taken into account when promoting a website.


  1. bounce rate;
  2. website loading speed;
  3. the number of pages visited in one session;
  4. return to repeated search;
  5. usability of the site;
  6. cross-browser compatibility.

One of the key behavioral metrics that are taken into account during website promotion is the bounce rate. This indicator indicates the number of visitors who left the web resource on the login page (that is, visited only one page).

Of course, the lower the bounce rate, the better the site ranking. In one of the previous articles, we have already given recommendations on how to reduce the bounce rate.

Another metric that directly influences behavioral factors is website loading speed. It will not be a surprise to anyone that visitors leave pages that have loaded more than 2 seconds. The optimal opening speed is 1.5 seconds. In conditions of competition of web resources for the attention of users, this indicator remains one of the most important.

You can check the loading speed of your site using the Pingdom Tools service. After checking your site, the service will immediately show the reasons why the site takes a long time to load and offer solutions to problems for further high-quality website promotion in Google.

Unsurprisingly, website load speed optimization is still important for SEO in 2020. There are many options for solving this issue: you can switch to a faster hosting on SSD-drives, reduce the amount of images, remove unnecessary graphics, modify scripts, and also analyze many other components of the site that affect the performance and promotion of the site.

The metric of the number of pages visited per session signals to you the interest and information content of your site for users. If this indicator is one or less than two, the site needs to be improved by analyzing why the user leaves the pages of your site.

The reasons may be exhaustive information (although this is extremely rare), lack of linking, inconvenience of the site, unstructured content, and other reasons.

Return to re-search. Google search engines are so smart that they know how to keep track of this: either after entering the site from organic search, the user is looking for the same thing further, or he has already found the answer on your site. Therefore, I recommend that when you start writing content to promote your site in Google search engines, you should not write just for the sake of keywords. Describe as comprehensive information as possible, this will improve your site in the eyes of search engines.

Website usability - in 2020, it, even more, affects the promotion and promotion of a website in Google search engines. The quality of website promotion primarily depends on its type, convenience, and clarity. Only in tandem can you reach the TOP positions of Google.


When assessing the usability of a site, the following indicators are taken into account:

  • site design and its modernness. Considering that the present requires more modern and exclusive sites, one should not forget about the accuracy and wishes of users. After all, the website loading speed, bounce rate, and, consequently, the quality of website promotion in Google depend on the design, layout and filling it with media components.
  • The convenience of use (UX). This component includes such indicators as the structure of the site, its menu, main pages and their content, the possibility of feedback. Violation or non-compliance of these components with consumer expectations automatically reduces the chances of website promotion in search engines.
  • Presentability. Its appearance, differentiation from competitors, call to action, the presence of all the symbols associated with the company.


In order to better understand in which direction to move, what still needs to be worked on. Thanks to it, you can learn more about your users. To understand what is more interesting for them on the site, what they react to better, and what they don't notice at all.

Also, in order not to make hasty conclusions with your own hands regarding the quality of your site's usability, we recommend that you make a usability audit based on the clickmap. Thus, you will see the recommendations of real experts who will help you improve the site and its promotion.

Cross-browser compatibility - the convenience and appearance of your site on different browsers and their versions. Do not forget about such a factor of website promotion in Google as cross-browser compatibility. After all, there are more than 20 browsers that users use, and when creating a website, you probably do not know which browser your customers will mainly use.

It is important when creating a site, and even more so during its filling and promotion, to take into account the features of at least 5 most common browsers.

  1. Operating system support (Windows, Linux, macOS).
  2. Functionality.
  3. Support for various programming technologies.
  4. Support for various image and video formats, as well as other formats used on your site.

5. High-quality links as a condition for the promotion and promotion of the site in "Google"

The authority of a web resource directly depends on the quantity and quality of backlinks. The times when bulk purchases from spam resources prevailed in SEO are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm. (last update dated October 6, 2016) is designed to track the origin of sources leading to each site, excluding the possibility of an artificial rating boost.

Although the way to promote through link purchases will still be around for a very long time, the job of SEO is to select authoritative sources, prepare the right anchor text, and most importantly, gradually build up your link mass.

A few high-quality links can have a much greater impact on promotion than a hundred posted in some free directories. This should be taken into account when forming a budget for acquiring a link mass - this cost item is one of the most expensive in SEO.

Why is it risky to independently promote your web resource using backlinks? Because a specialist understands the existing rules and limitations of the Google Penguin algorithm, and a beginner can fail his site under sanctions. The fast growth of backlinks, the same type of “artificial” anchors, unnatural location, and a number of other features can be considered by the search robot as “search spam”. In the best case, the web resource will be lowered in the ranking, and in the worst case, it will be excluded from the list in search results.

To promote a website in Nigeria in 2020, the placement of links from sources that do not participate in exchanges will remain relevant.

The growth rate in search results also depends on the region and business area: if in one case you can easily build up links and get into the TOP-3 within six months, then in the other, it may take a whole year to get into the TOP-10.

6. The growing role of local search in 2020

One of the strategies for developing Google SERPs is to strengthen local search in 2020. Internet users are increasingly looking for goods and services in their city, and tourists use their smartphone as a pocket guide.

Google My Business platform helps you attract customers in your city. Over the past year in Nigeria, local search results have changed a lot, and the search engine no longer just provides information on regions but offers options for individual locations.


  1. Register a company on Google My Business. Fill in the information about your company as much as possible, add a website, fill out the work schedule, and enter a clear list of the services that you provide. Be sure to ask your customers and friends to leave a review about you. This will help improve local SEO.
  2. Be sure to place your address and phone number in the website footer. Likewise, create a “contacts” page and place all the details about the company. This allows Google to better integrate your Google My Business profile with the accuracy of the information on the site.
  3. Work actively on the mass of links, however in local SEO it is better to work and help promote links purchased in your area and country. Pay attention to the quality, theme and trustworthiness of the site. This is one of the important indicators in the SEO-promotion of a local site.
  4. Register in local directories and keep track of the relevance of information about you. For each industry, there are at least 2-3 business directories where information must be present. Don't waste the opportunity to be where your potential customers are.
  5. Percentage of CTR. Track the CTR of each month. Measure it in the context of the actions you take, because its change depends not only on the algorithms of the Google search engines.
  6. Encourage customers to leave reviews on third-party sites and your site. This is extremely important for local SEO website promotion. A large number of reviews will help search engines to pay attention to your site and help it rank. However, don't overuse.


  1. Title and Description should contain the name of the city you are working in. For example SEO-promotion of a local site in Lagos;
  2. The service page URL must also contain the city name. For example: https: // mysite / local-seo-lagos /. The disadvantage of this URL is that if the company wants to expand in other areas, it will be difficult for you to work on promoting the site in new places;
  3. Tags Н1-Н2 on the site should indicate to users what service you provide and in what city. For example SEO services for website promotion in Lagos.
  4. Micro markup for local SEO. It is extremely important to set up micro-markup for local SEO, because this data is synchronized with Google, and if it is available, the site's rankings begin to grow.

So, for example, on the request "pizza in Lagos" instead of all data on the city, the user will be offered points with the nearest location of pizzerias in Lagos.

Therefore, if your business is focused on a target audience in the nearest area of ​​the city, then be sure to pay attention to local SEO and recommendations for SEO-promotion of a local site. This trend will especially develop in 2020 in non-English speaking markets.

7. The growing popularity of Knowledge Graphs

Since 2012, when the announcement of the appearance of such an element in Google, the frequency of such blocks with answers in search results continues to grow.

If earlier in this format information was provided only from sites that contain encyclopedic information, today more and more often, as answers, the best materials from other authoritative sources are offered:

What are the advantages of Knowledge Graphs and why will this trend remain relevant throughout 2020? Information in such a block appears in the first row of search results and indicates that the source is reliable and authoritative.

Result of the Knowledge graphs for the query “lagos population”:

In order for some of the information from the web resource page to get into the Knowledge Graph, you need to use structured markup on the site, as well as prepare a high-quality article that exactly matches the popular search query. The Google robot will independently select fragments of pages, the information of which will be shown to the target audience in the form of a Knowledge Graph.

8. The growing popularity of voice search

In Europe and the United States, interest in voice search is much higher than in Africa. This is primarily due to the growth in sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers. Smart speakers are devices that not only produce sound but are also capable of picking up voice commands. With the help of such a device, it becomes possible to search for the necessary information right while listening to music. Accordingly, the optimization of sites for voice search is the next step in SEO development.

Recommendations for setting up voice search to better promote your site.

  1. When creating content, keep in mind that users are looking for answers to questions first. Therefore, give them that opportunity. In headings H1-H6, use not just keywords, but the question: “How?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Why?”, “Why?”, Etc.
  2. Do not forget about microdata with clear data, as well as the presence of a sitemap.
  3. Structure the importance of information. If your business is local, provide as much written information as possible about where you are in relation to other points in the city. Provide comprehensive information on contacts, prices, services, etc.
  4. Never use business or artistic writing in your content. Nobody seeks like that;
  5. Use long-tail keywords. (3-4 keywords).

This trend has not yet become popular in Nigeria. This may change during 2020.

9. Switching to HTTPS as a mandatory component of SEO-website promotion in 2020

The HTTPS protocol is an analogue of the HTTP protocol, but it contains a kind of encryption that prevents attackers from stealing personal data of clients from the site. When you fill out forms or enter your personal information on a site that uses HTTPS, you don't have to worry about this. After all, all the entered data is “packed” into SSL or TLS protocols, and, as a result, it is impossible to steal them. After the HTTPS protocol is installed on the site, Google search engines understand that you care about your users' personal information. As a result, they help you in SEO promotion of your website.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of switching a site to the HTTPS protocol.


  1. The ability to save your customers' personal data
  2. In 2020, Google search engines are much more loyal and better to sites that use this protocol. If you check Google search results for the keyword "buy a smartphone", the TOP 10 are sites that use this protocol.
  3. Accuracy of website traffic statistics. This way you will see the “real picture” of traffic sources and their quality.
  4. Improving search engine trust score.


  1. Price. SSL certificates are distinguished as free and paid. What is the difference between free and paid certificates? There is no global difference, in terms of technical support - it may be slightly weaker, but the protection remains unchanged. It all depends on the protocol level and the number of domains you want to install it on.
  2. Organic traffic will decrease. So, will the organic traffic that you achieved by SEO-promoting your site decrease by switching to the protocol? It will decrease, but not for long (from a week to a month). This decline is inherent in such manipulation because of Google search engines index this transition. Do not worry, because after you re-index your site, the positions will return or even grow, which will contribute to further high-quality SEO-site promotion.
  3. It is impossible to make the transition on your own. The implementation of the transition to HTTPS should be performed by an SEO-website promotion specialist or an SEO company programmer who understands all the subtleties of the transition. Only then will it help to improve the position of the site and its SEO promotion.


So, summing up the results of our review, we will repeat the main global trends in the development of SEO and their impact on Nigeria:

  1. Optimization for mobile devices is an important component, without which it is impossible to promote a website to the TOP. In Nigeria, the number of web resources aimed at smartphone owners is already growing.
  2. Content management and internal optimization are prerequisites for promoting competition in the market. Now only those resources that provide better quality content (including video) can apply for the first positions.
  3. The role of the meaning of semantics in promotion, as before, is especially important. In 2018, sites that pay attention to updating the semantic core will have an edge over those who haven't collected semantics for a long time.
  4. The influence of behavioral factors on promotion, in particular, site speed and a decrease in the bounce rate, are important for getting into the TOP 10 of Google. As new competitors emerge in 2020, behavioral factors will become more significant.
  5. Quality links as a condition for promotion. Only on condition of the correct, gradual growth of the link mass. For Nigeria, this ranking factor will remain one of the leading in 2020.
  6. The growing role of local search. This is a global trend that is developing in Nigeria as well. With the emergence of new businesses in Lagos and other large cities, the number of offers in local search will also grow.
  7. The growing popularity of Knowledge Graphs. A relatively new and, in a sense, experimental proposal from Google. Nevertheless, Knowledge Graphs appear more and more often in the form of answers to the most popular questions.
  8. The growing popularity of voice search. This is a global trend that is not yet very widespread in Nigeria. It is quite possible that during 2020 interest in it from large market players will grow.
  9. Impact of switching all sites to HTTPS on SEO-website promotion? Analyzing the situation at the beginning of 2020, I can conclude that in a few months we may not see sites, they use the insecure HTTP protocol in the TOP 10. I recommend thinking about the transition today.

As you can see, there are elements of SEO in this review that have remained unchanged for many years. But, besides them, new trends have been noticed, gaining popularity primarily in the USA and European countries. Experience shows that everything that becomes popular in the West comes to us within 3-4 years. Therefore, we recommend that you continue to “keep your finger on the pulse” of technological innovations and news in the world of SEO about website promotion.

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