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Continuous customer engagement

Whether customer loyalty or promotion, mailing campaigns are one of the most direct and effective ways to activate your customers. As an e-mail marketing agency, we create campaigns for you that do not end up in the trash. So that the incoming mail is quickly an order.
With email marketing you are sure to keep your customers or clients continuously engaged. QuantumClick offers full service email marketing that takes on everything from strategy conception to deployment. Our templates are an epitome of creative design. In the case of some specific clients, we help them code their email templates. We also manage our clients email marketing campaigns and data segmentation.

Service (Email Marketing)

We offer a range of email marketing services that are sure to greatly improve your business growth. Our services are ROI driven and precise. QuantumClick will be in charge of your entire email marketing campaign from inception to deployment and beyond. Our primary focus is to help you execute those aspects you term as strategy and bring you closer to the goals your organisation wishes to achieve.

Strategy conception

Having the correct methodology is the most significant part of successful email advertising. Your technique ought to be with the end goal that it enables your image by following the showcasing group of three of sending the correct email to the ideal individual at the ideal time. From a full-scale lifecycle program system to fill the gaps in your present email showcasing program, Quantumclick can enable you to figure and execute a winning email promoting technique.

Email Deployment

The subsequent stage is organization. Let Quantumclick deal with your email battle organization process from the format and crusade creation to division, setup, and message arrangement. Specialists at Inbox Group additionally deal with your post-sending concerns, for example, observing the email measurements and making the essential alterations dependent on the outcomes.

Creative methods

Is it true that you are attempting to stay aware of the patterns arising in the realm of email showcasing and plan? Trust our experts to expand your image with responsive and specially crafted and coded email promoting formats that mirror your image and enable you to execute email advertising all the more proficiently. Concentrate on your business and leave every one of the stresses over testing and rendering on us. We will deal with everything!


The initial step to an effective email technique is AUDIT. Your email list, a duplicate of your email battles and the plan designs will be altogether checked for any escape clauses… and you will get the inside scoop on the great, the awful and the appalling with an Inbox Group review. On the off chance that you are searching for noteworthy exhortation on the most proficient method to improve your email advertising program, the review is the response for you.

Integration with other Platforms

Interface your abbreviations – coordinate your email showcasing program stage with other mission-basic applications and have every one of your information talking a similar language. On the off chance that you have any outsider or custom applications, we will associate them all with your ESP.