Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC with ROI

We create PPC campaings for you based on proper Research

Pay per click is an advertising form in which you are charged for every lead sent to your site from search engines. This kind of advertisement form could be very daunting for the uninitiated. It requires skill to recognise how to create and properly execute such campaigns. We help our clients do the entire calculation and execution of these ads and ensure that they reap the rewards.

We create your PPC ads

Everything from research to execution.

When we take on the task of your PPC ads management, you are totally covered. We research the keywords that will attract the most searches and create your advertisement around them. Of course, we make sure that those search terms are relevant to your niche and location. We then implement specific kinds of ads depending on how well it’ll serve your business type.


PPC entails the payment of money to search engine for leads. The client is typically charged an amount per click (cost per click or CTC). Sometimes some keywords are bid for and this makes them more expensive than others.


SEO entails the systemic construction of web pages in order to give it a potent organic ranking capacity. These modifications are done both on the web page and off the web page.

PPC ads

There are different types of PPC ads types that our company helps you run. These include ads in the form of image ads, banner ads, and text links