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Digital marketing for furniture companies: How to boost sales and revenue.

Like other media in the past, the Internet has profoundly changed the way we shop. In contrast, its evolution has been faster than for any other medium.

Technology advances and more effective ways of communicating with customers are constantly emerging. Therefore, what was valid a few years ago is no longer valid today.

This is the reason why furniture companies need to adopt and adapt to modern trends. They need to revolutionalise the way they do marketing and acquire clients. The potential pool of clients to scoop from is large and available in every section of the sales funnel.

Despite the trend and ubiquity of internet devices and mobile users, (which is only going to increase per trend and statistics), furniture companies aren't doing as much as they should utilise the numbers to their advantage. This post aims to describe some steps that you can take to increase your chances of making sales in this age and time as well put yourself before your prospective audience.

There is a great need to respond to this kind of trend by studying the habits of the 21st-century consumer. These vary from the way people made purchases in the past. Advertisements and marketing trends are more disruptive and that is how the sales begin.

What you stand to gain from a digital marketing strategy

Before we proceed, let's give you an idea of what you stand to gain from incorporating digital techniques to your marketing strategies.

  • By utilising a website, you stand the chance to increasing your website visitors and potential sales by more than a handful. This affords you the potential to track clients purchases and even those that did not finish their purchases. You can give them coupons and other incentives to encourage them to complete the transaction.
  • Using online business tools like GMB (Google My Business) and other citation sites, you can increase the number of phone calls you get to your business and hence close more deals successfully. These are usually warm and hot leads that take very little skill to convert into sales. Increasing your numbers is just a piece of cake from thereon.
  • Your web forms can help you to get more budget requests. By tailoring the fields and optimising them for conversion, you get a lot more done. You can create conditional forms and guide your potential clients to the direction of a successful sale.

These are figures that are easily realisable with the use of carefully crafted and effectively implemented digital marketing strategies. They have greatly changed the perceptions of those people who have dared to implement them regarding internet marketing.

So let's get into more detail regarding how we can use these tools to your advantage.

Strategic consulting for furniture company

The extent to which certain results are achieved finds its origin in the decisions we make. And it happens many times that we need the alarm to sound to rethink a way of thinking.

This is especially true if your business has been doing the same thing for many years and you have achieved success doing things a certain way. If your business has been going on for more than 30 years (the case with many of our clients), the hardest thing to do is to make that shift from the old way of doing things, to the new way.

However, times were changing.

If a short time ago, having an online presence could be considered as a 'nice to have' for the success of a company ... today, it turns out to be the most important source of customer acquisition for most sectors.

Many furniture companies face this new reality by experiencing their sales falling (quickly losing to the competition that has realised these methods).

From this observation, they need to think of alternatives and establish the foundations of a new sales plan. And we do it including not only a digital marketing strategy, but we also get the sales representatives of the company to engage in sessions where we guide them on modern sales methods to augment their old ways.

Joining the efforts used on the Internet and in stores to go in the same direction and thus guaranteeing the most comprehensive customer service. This is the selling point ... the way in which we are going to compete in this sector.

This job that may not be appreciated at first glance, has managed to position the web and its product catalogue in Google results and has given many of our clients the local advantage.

And it works for us!

SEM ad campaigns to attract new customers

SEO vs SEM (referring to paid ads) are often perceived as opposites when, in practice, they do an excellent job together.

Most furniture companies offer a wide range of products. The problem is they are competing with many other furniture galleries and outfits.

Given the high level of competition in this regard, many products of the competition are going to outrank that of your company in search results. The sheer volume can be overwhelming and your products may even be of higher quality than the competition (matters little in sales).

Therefore, in addition to reinforcing the visibility of the product categories that still do not appear on the first page,  paid ad campaigns will be used to augment SEO to recover the traffic that belongs to you organically.

The point is that the use of the Google Ads platform for ads requires following a methodology capable of reducing the cost per click. Otherwise, the SEM budget is triggered and, incidentally, the profit margin for the sale of each product is reduced.

To achieve this, we analyze trends, segment audiences and test different versions of ads ... saving and optimizing those that have obtained the best results.

These efforts usually pay off and an immediate increase in traffic and sales is recorded.

Hybrid Sales-Oriented Ecommerce

A successful furniture business stands out from its competition by addressing a demanding public eager to beautify their home in the most personalized and comfortable way possible.

This is an aspect of web design and development that we are specialists in.

When the most famous brands in the sector launch into online sales with standardized products, the astute furniture company chooses to satisfy another audience with special requests and that favours direct contact.

Considering this situation, we plan the development of hybrid e-commerce that encourages direct contact instead of a conventional and strict online store in its operation ... That's right, the website has to take into account the very particular requests of customers when placing orders.

And it is that in addition to the transport, installation and removal of antique furniture, the store offers a furniture production service as it finds great success.

Therefore, in the first instance, our mission is to make browsing the web more intuitive and readable, simplifying the structure of the web page.

On the other hand, we make it so that web visitors quickly understand the advantages of buying in our clients' stores and we encourage conversions through contact by email or telephone.

Other addons to these include:

Data-driven personalization

Among the barriers to entry into the internet furniture market, the overabundance of information produced by competitors every day makes it difficult to reach new customers. Today, to attract the attention of an Internet user, you have to succeed in touching him on a personal level.

By relying on data, which includes demographics, interests, likes, and even what items customers previously interacted within an online store, brands can make more personalized offers. For example, they could present a piece of furniture in an atmosphere that particularly affects the customer and encourages him to buy.

One powerful way to harness data is through email marketing. To collect emails, users could be invited to register on the website to use a shopping cart. In the event that the visitor adds a product to the cart and leaves without purchasing, e-merchants can send them an email with a reminder.

Conveying a sense of urgency in the reminder message, for example saying that the item is only available in limited quantities, can lead the customer to buy. And if he does not go through with the act of purchase, we can offer him a discount or free delivery in the next follow-up email.

One can also consider adding email addresses to retargeting lists and serving relevant ads on Google and Facebook, based on their interaction with the site, in order to increase the number of "qualified" visitors.

Visual marketing powered by 3D visuals

With the help of 3D renderings, manufacturers can get a lot of quality furniture photos without having to go through the expensive photoshoot. From a photo taken by a smartphone, a 3D visual creation agency can produce any type of visual - lifestyle, packshot, group photos, cutout, etc.

In order to achieve photorealistic furniture visualizations, 3D artists perform product modelling so that they can create images showing the room from any angle. Whatever type of image a brand needs - a white background photo or a 3D staging - 3D visualization can give it ultra-realistic quality.

This method of procedure - modelling the furniture and creating the scene - allows multiple variations to be obtained at lower costs. We can decline the textures of a piece of furniture and put it in the same setting, or use the same model in a setting with a slightly modified decor (floor, the color of the walls, decorative objects, etc.). This allows e-merchants to obtain new visuals for seasonal advertising campaigns. In this way, 3D visualization services allow players in the internet furniture market to save time, money and effort.

Product customization

In 2020, the internet furniture market is turning resolutely towards product personalization. It allows consumers to obtain products tailored to their needs and tastes. And who wouldn't appreciate it? Instead of being satisfied with what is available, the buyer participates in the creation process. Thus, furniture brands provide the opportunity for potential customers to change colour, finish material and add decor to objects directly on the website - showing different angles of the end result depending on the options chosen.

To present this type of service on his site, a merchant only needs to order a 3D model of his furniture and its different variations (colours, textures, etc.). These will be integrated into the presentation software and allow customers to order exactly what they want.

 Internet furniture market trend: augmented reality

When it comes to buying a sofa on the internet, people tend to be hesitant - it's a big purchase. The fear of ending up with a sofa that can't find its place in the living room and having to turn it over pushes a lot of potential buyers to physical stores.

Augmented reality is the ideal tool to help customers visualize their future purchase in their space. Today, all you have to do is take a picture of your living room and use the application to see the piece of furniture take its place in your interior.

Augmented reality apps allow buyers to interact with furniture online. They can rotate rooms, size them and arrange them in a real living space. This way, users check if the item fits into the room, and try out different colours and textures by pointing the smartphone camera at the desired locations. By playing around with the layout, guests can even furnish the entire living space while staying at home and discussing each decision with the whole family. Therefore, this technology makes customers more confident in buying furniture online, which leads to an increase in e-commerce sales, and hence the furniture market on the internet.

These internet furniture market trends provide the opportunity for brands to increase online sales, marketing ROI and convert visitors into buyers. Access to mobile e-commerce will allow online stores to reach a wider audience, while personalization options will help build customer loyalty.

Another important trend to consider is 3D visualization, which optimizes workflow while providing superior visuals. Finally, there are augmented reality technologies - an e-commerce trend that blurs the line between online and offline commerce, allowing consumers to view objects in real-life space.

Online reputation of the furniture store

The Internet enables us to compare the product offerings of each company. It is one of the reasons why we are increasingly choosing this medium to decide whether or not to visit a store.

The fact is that most furniture companies do not convey an attractive brand image. Nor do they encourage the publication of reviews by their customers, so mainly those who are not convinced become encouraged to rate the store.

We remedy this situation with the use of media such as social networks to spread a cleaner and more careful image, projecting the brand as 'a store with style' or another powerful brand message.

Being aware that customer reviews are very important to the brand image, we create a system that invites customers and clients to leave a review on Google. Research has shown that people tend to buy from stores that have an apparently high reputation and this is furthered by reviews on citation sites.

By following this methodology, we manage to increase the ratings of our clients on online citation platforms. This places them as the go-to store and company for furniture purchase and construction.

The combination of all the actions mentioned so far leads to an increase in the visits to stores. Total sales soon exceed the industry average. We create value for our clients.

Considering the rise of online stores, it seems that physical stores also continue to have long lives ahead ... as long as they take advantage of the digital medium.

Benefit from our experience in marketing for furniture companies

Ecommerce, SEO content and positioning, online reputation, conversion optimization on the web ... there are many cases that serve as a good example of what we can do to attract new customers on the Internet.

Quantumclick can contribute all the experience acquired in marketing strategies for your store.

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