igital Marketing Agency Kaduna, Nigeria

At QuantumClick, we make our client’s business our business. We know that each business and each self-employed person has unique characteristics and that there are no magic solutions that work for all of them with successful results.
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In a constantly changing digital environment, business success depends on what you do (or don't do) to promote your company online. Strategy is the starting point to achieve your goals.
What we do!
Having garnered many years of experience in the digital marketing space, we have attained a high level of repute in certain aspects. Some of them are:
Web Design
Our design process is very much valued by our clients. It helps us to build fast, responsive and converting websites.
We work with teams to bring the best kind of website to our clients.
Search engine Optimisation
The most beautiful website remains invisible if it does not appear in the 1st positions of the search engine. We work with methods healthy to go up sustainably a website. Our processes are adaptable.
Social Media Marketing
Leverage the power of social media to create the hype and awareness that will propel your business to success fast. We have an in-depth know-how of the requirements and techniques to get desired results.

Experts in B2B and B2C eCommerce, Nigeria

Our digital agency will help you decide, plan and carry out your own online sales strategy focused on the consumer (B2C) or aimed at professionals (B2B). To do this, we use the best tools to build your online store and spread your product or service on the Internet.

We help our clients in the drafting of the digital strategic plan and then program online stores adapted to the objectives set. We also disseminate each e-commerce through all the most appropriate digital marketing tools and finally, we support the brand in many aspects of the management and maintenance of the online store.

Frequently asked Questions

Why choose our Digital Agency?

How to choose the digital agency to whom to entrust your project?
There are many providers. They all claim to do everything. All of whom claim they can propel you into the first page of Google. And yet, in the lot, there are good, not so good, and even down right terrible.
Interview your service provider, by asking the right questions.
But how do you ask the right questions if you don't know it? Well, it's like choosing a good wine, ask a sommelier.
Call me and make a phone appointment , just to talk about your project, without any commitment. I will give you many tips . We draft your specifications, or take them back if necessary.
Of course, I won't be 100% objective, but nothing commits you, so go for it.
You will still invest money eventually.

Can we work together remotely?

Yes, and that's what we do with 90% of our customers! We have clients all over, and if necessary, with Skype, we will share our screens. it is as if we were side by side . It’s even better! In any place, at any time, we can work together.

Can we recover the technical management of an existing site?

Of course ! We regularly recover the maintenance or the commercial development of sites which have been developed elsewhere (by a friend, another agency, the client himself ...). Just give us the site codes. We can also offer you hosting for your site.

Work with a reliable Internet marketing agency in Nigeria.

We have hacked the formula for online growth.
Born from a mixture of creative and technical expertise, QuantumClick has mastered the main digital points of contact for your brand (website, digital communication campaign, social media) by integrating the creation of adapted content (artistic direction , image & video).
At QuantumClick, we contribute to the influence of companies and brands while supporting them in their digital transition with the development of a tailor-made digital communication strategy. Whether in SEO agency work in Kaduna, or in pure and hard creation, your ability to adapt to the current digital world is essential in the conduct of your project. In a digital world where its economic models evolve very quickly, we are all hyper connected.
Digital has become an integral part of our daily lives: whether it is to communicate, inform us and even work. Located in Kaduna, QuantumClick advises and supports you in this digital transformation by including a good number of adapted webmarketing tools: Website design adn development, SEO strategy (Conception and implementation), development of your presence on social networks, marketing influence, Brand development…
Our mastery of internet communication tools allows us today to guide you in your interactive communication projects with the objective of capturing and retaining your new customers.